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Honorary Presidents Skål International                      Membres d’Honneur from SIUSA

1965-1966 Charles F. Lawson – SI Cleveland
Nicolas Keglevich – SI Miami
Charles Powers – SI New York
William C. Sweet – SI Colorado
Lou Conkling – SI Louisville
Past President Skål International

1955-1956 Ivan Bullot – SI New York
1959-1960 Godfrey MacDonald – SI New York
1962-1963 Thomas Williamson – SI New York
1965-1966 Charles F. Lawson – SI Cleveland
1969-1970 Alfred R. Bone – SI Los Angeles
1975-1976 Joseph M. Boggs – SI Miami
1983-1984 Gerard J. Martin – SI Baltimore
1987-1988 George Webber – SI Louisville
1990-1991 John McCaul – SI Chicago
2012-2013 Mok Singh – SI Los Angeles


1969-1971  Joseph M. Boggs – SI Miami
1971-1973  Henry Von Sieber – SI Houston
1973-1974  Gerard J. Martin –  SI Baltimore
1974-1975  Gerard J. Martin – SI Baltimore
1975-1976  Luis de la Reguerra – SI Dallas
1976-1977  Charles H. Harris – SI Cleveland
1977-1978  Melvin S. Smith – SI Miami
1978-1979  Al O. Bennett – SI San Francisco
1979-1980  George W. Webber – SI Louisville
1980-1981  Morton C. Treadway Jr. – SI Hartford
1981-1982  Willard A. Olson – SI Las Vegas
1982-1983  William C. Sweet – SI Denver
1983-1984  John P. McCaul – SI Chicago
1984-1985  Michael J. Feeney – SI Buffalo
1985-1986  Schuyler W. Lininger – SI Tucson
1986-1987  Marvin K. Hand – SI San Francisco
1987-1988  Arthur J. Moreau – SI Detroit
1988-1989  Joseph T. Neary – SI New York
1989-1990  William Pullen – SI The Palm Beaches
1990-1991  Eugene F. Leonard – SI Chicago
1991-1992  Jay T. Beagle -SI Los Angeles
1992-1993  Donald R. Maitland – SI Boston
1993-1994  David G. Ashcraft – SI Chicago
1994-1995  Jerome R. Sheehan – SI Chicago
1995-1996  William A. Lindsay – SI Indianapolis
1996-1997  Charles E. Boos – SI Spokane
1997-1998  Charles W. Powers – SI New York
1998-1999  Dennis A. Klatt – SI Columbus
1999-2000  Samuel C. Johns, Jr. – SI Tampa Bay
2000-2001   Edward C. Antognoli – SI San Francisco
2001-2002   Richard C. Anderson – SI Sarasota
2002-2003   Thomas S. Shinar – SI Orange Coast
2003-2004   Mike Kyle – SI Nashville
2004-2005   John H. Bogrette, Jr. – SI Central Pennsylvania
2005-2006   Ronny Region – SI Ft. Worth
2006-2007   Mok Singh – SI Los Angeles
2007-2008   Bob Bader – SI Memphis
2008-2009  Bobby Husain – SI New York
2009-2010   Jeff Penner – SI Oklahoma
2010-2011    Lou Conkling – SI Louisville
2011-2012    Llana Smith – SI Memphis
2012             Llana Smith – SI Memphis
2013             Tom White – SI Orlando
2014             Carlos R. Banks – SI Ft. Lauderdale & the Palm Beaches
2015             Martha McClintock- SI Jacksonville
2016             John N. Mavros – SI Orange Coast
Honorary President of SIUSA

Skål International By-Laws, ARTICLE I, Section 1 (h) provides for acknowledging outstanding performance on the part of an Active, Retired or Life Member who has been a member of Skål for at least ten (10) years.  The Clubs of SIUSA may recognize such members by proposing that they be honored with the title of “Honorary President of SIUSA” or “Honorary Member of SIUSA”, and that the name of the honoree be listed in the SIUSA roster and in this Manual. The following Skålleagues have received the title of “Honorary President of SIUSA”:

Alfred R. Bone
SI Los Angeles
Posthumously elected Honorary
President at the NSCUSA Congress
April 16-18, 1971
Joseph M. Boggs,
SI Miami
Elected Honorary President
January 1, 1977
Charles F. Lawson
SI Cleveland
Elected Honorary President
February 15, 1977
Al O. Bennett
SI San Francisco
Elected Honorary President
July 31, 1970
Herbert D. Ford
SI Washington
Elected Honorary President
February 20, 1980
Gerald J. Martin
SI Baltimore
Elected Honorary President
April 30, 1982
George W. Webber
SI Louisville
Elected Honorary President
May 13, 1987
John P. McCaul
SI Chicago
Elected Honorary President
May 16, 1992
William Sweet
SI Colorado
Elected Honorary President
May 15, 2005
John H. Bogrette, Jr.
SI Central Pennsylvania
Elected Honorary President
May 9, 2009

This prestigious award is granted to one Skål Club each year from among all of the Clubs worldwide through a competitive judging process based on the Club’s administrative performance,  growth and participation to Skål.

All Skål Clubs worldwide who meet the qualifying requirements listed below are invited to participate.

Clubs that wish to be considered for this award must submit information supporting the criteria below to the SKÅL International Administrators and SKÅL VP of Administration Burcin Turkkan at Skå by January 1st. Early submissions are appreciated.


  • Payment of Club membership fees to Skål International before February 28 deadline.
  • Submission of Club membership list to Skål International before March 31 deadline.
  • Remittance of Form 2 (update of Club’s Officers) to Skål International before April 15 deadline.
  • A net increase of 10% in membership or a minimum of 10 new Active members for larger Clubs over one calendar year. As measured from April 30 to April 30 each year.
  • Providing an attending voting delegate at two Skål World Congresses over the past five years.
  • A donation to the Florimond Volckaert Fund within the past year.
Past SI Club of the Year Winners from the U.S.

1989-1990 SI New York

1991-1992 SI Chicago

1999-2000 SI Los Angeles

2004-2005 SI Miami

2006-2007 SI Orlando

2013-2014 SI Boston

Click here to view other past winners

Club of the Year Presentations From 2014’s Winner & the 2015 US Finalists

SI Ft. Lauderdale & the Palm Beaches’ Presentation – 2015

SI Tucson’s Presentation – 2015

SI Boston’s Presentation – 2014

Congratulations to Skål Club of the Year Finalists SI Ft. Lauderdale & the Palm Beaches and SI Tucson!


The purpose of the award is to honor the Skål USA Club which, best exemplifies the spirit of Skål and has achieved the objectives of the Skål Movement, during the Calendar year. This award will be next presented at the 2018 NASC, recognizing the performance of a Club in 2017.


  • Payment of Club membership fees to Skål USA and Skål International before February 28 deadline.
  • Form 2 (update of Club’s Officers) submission to Skål USA and Skål International before April 15 deadline.
  • Paying all invoices in a timely manner


  1. B2B – Doing business with members: Documentation of business transactions within the clubs members and also with Skål members worldwide;
  2. B2B in the Community – Hosting or participating in local B2B event(s) that are educational or supportive of the travel / hospitality community;
  3. Holding Charity or Educational Support/Event(s) – Establishment and support of new or ongoing educational or charitable efforts for the good of tourism or the community as a whole;
  4. Young Skål – Success promoting the initiative of Skål International in growing the Young Skål effort, in either the student or young professional categories.

The winning club will receive a single registration to the NASC Congress (in the year awarded) or $1,000 to be used for a club event.


The purpose of the award is to honor a Young Skål Member that best exemplifies the spirit and values of Skål.

JUDGES:  Three Judges to include current Executive Committee Member whose portfolio includes Young Skål; a Past Skål International President not from the US; ISC Vice President in charge of Committee A which is the Committee in ISC that contains Young Skål portfolio.

TIMETABLE:  Applications should be received prior to the April 1 deadline. All applications submitted will include information collected from the previous calendar year. This date allows for the judges to have at least 30 days prior to NASC Congress to determine the winner.AWARD PRESENTATION:  Award will be presented at the next NASC Congress during the SKÅL USA AGM.  Award will include a monetary check to the Young Skålleague of the Year to help offset travel expenses.


  1. Young Skålleague (YS) has attended 4 local Skål Club meetings in the past year or at least 40% of meetings held.
  2. YS must have attended at least one North American or International Young Skål Symposium in the past 2/3 years
  3. YS must bring at least 2 new YS members into their local Club;
  4. YS must “quantify” in an email essay/bio at least the following:
    1. Community involvement and volunteer experience including affiliation with other associations, etc.
    2. Volunteer involvement in the community
    3. Work or internship experience in hospitality industry
    4. Where do you want to be in 5/10 years?
    5. How has SKÅL USA had an impact on their achieving any of the above?

** This essay/bio should also emphasize what support they expect from SKÅL USA in their journey up the hospitality ladder.

  1. YS should submit any additional support information including, but not limited to:
    1. Letter of recommendation from immediate boss if currently in the hospitality workforce
    2. Letter from College Professor or mentor if still in college
    3. Any other information that will give an appropriate overview of their qualities that should present them as a candidate of YS of the Year

All applicants are required to have a photo and current resume submitted along with the contact information.

Please send your submissions to