The continuing evolution of information technology has had a considerable impact on the travel agency service industry. The widespread public use of the Internet has created a number of conditions that have been game-changers -- in both beneficial and detrimental ways -- to the modern travel agency. As a result, many travel agencies in the 21st century have had to make considerable adaptations to remain solvent and relevant.   As more people book online, fewer people are heading into brick-and-mortar agencies and dealing directly with an agent. Pressure has also mounted on traditional agencies as airlines, hotels and other service providers they previously represented offer their services directly to customers online, cutting out the agency -- and the commission. As travel agencies are essentially information brokerages that connect clients with services, these commissions are the foundational basis of the agency's income and therefore many agencies have seen sharp income decline from in-person sales. Tell us how your business has been affected by the evolution of the information technology? How do you adopt your business to these changes? Share your thoughts/ suggestions/ experiences and advices with Skalleagues!