Industry Trends / Articles of Interest

Dec 2019

2019 An Active Year For Skål International USA President

Skål International USA is nearing the end of a very active year with a new executive committee poised to continue a busy schedule in 2020…

May 2018

Skål International USA Has Great Success at the North American Skål Congress

The United States had the largest delegation at the North American Skål Congress held May 3-6, 2018, at Dreams Resort, Playa Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico with over forty clubs in attendance and a delegation of more than sixty people…

April 2018

Skål International U.S.A.  Joins Team of National Tourism Advocates

A delegation of tourism leaders representing Skål International USA joined with other travel industry in late March to advocate to promote key issues facing the growth and health of one of America’s economic engines at Destination Capitol Hill, an event organized by the U. S. Travel Association.

March 2018

Bringing International Travelers Back to America By Roger Dow

America’s share of the international travel market has been declining since 2015. The Visit U.S. Coalition, formed by leaders from multiple industries, aims to reverse that trend …

May 2017

Hospitality’s New Frontier: Cuba By Phelps R. Hope, CMP

Havana has long been the forbidden fruit for American vacationers and business elites alike – an offlimits cultural time warp of antique cars and cigars — situated in a beautiful climate almost within reach. To the meetings industry, it’s been mostly a moot point. But with the surprise thaw in diplomatic relations in December 2014…

October 2017

Bots and Drones and Holograms, Oh my! By Phelps R. Hope, CMP

Attendees come to your show to make deals – but a cool story doesn’t hurt. That’s what this article is about. So stick around and let yourself be wowed knowing that this is not science fiction. These are actual technologies at actual meetings …