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New Features and Hot Topics on Skå!


Two new projects are in development. See below:
  • The development of the SKÅL USA CAREER CENTER is currently under development in collaboration with Naylor Association Solutions.  Anticipated late summer activation.
  • New Skål USA National Committee Website. In collaboration with Skal International, a fully integrated common branded customized site is currently in the very early stages of development.  Once this site is fully operational, local Skal USA clubs will be invited to integrate their site with both the International and USA sites. Much more to come soon.


Skål Job Board

A  job board for Skål Members, who are looking for travel and tourism  jobs or have a job available, is now live. The Skål job search engine is powered by our new partner, Hot Travel Jobs.

Special Pricing exists if you are a Skal Member. To access this special pricing and discount code for services as outlined, please click here.